Updated 04/07/2008
(at long last)
About The Hay Clan Site

        I set up this site back in 2002 while living and working in Indonesia. It was just to show the factory that I worked at how advantageous a company web page could be.  The advantage of my own e-mail server with web mail and not having to keep people updated each time I changed ISPs made me keep it.

        I now live and work back in Australia after 10 Years in Indonesia. I loved my time there and sometimes miss the people and places. I would recommend any Australian to spend at least a year living and working in a developing country where their native language is not readily spoken. It gives you an appreciation of the good life we have in Oz.
My Links

The Official LAI Games site
(the mob I worked for in Indonesia)

Timezone Funtasia
(Working on the goldcoast is fun <grin>)